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Partnerships and Syndicates

These are not syndicates where you are lost in the crowd. This is real ownership in a group of 8 to 12 members.

First Impressions Racing always retain a share in the horses so showing our commitment to syndicates.

Each owner is a registered owner with The British Horseracing Board.

We can be contacted at any time regarding any aspect of the partnership. We will be in twice weekly contact with our trainers, more so when the horse is in action, and we look forward to regular chats with you. We believe that good communication is one of the keys to the successful running of partnerships.

We ask owners to commit to an initial 12 months period, quite simply to give the trainer and the horse a fair crack of the whip! After that period of time you are free to stay or to move on and you can pass your share on to whomsoever you wish. It is certainly not the intention to sell the horses after 12 months. If however, more than a third of the group want to come away, the horse will then be sold at the sales, unless the remaining members between them come up with the cost of the available shares, after an independent valuation has been done (this is paid to the leavers) and also cover the shortfall in training fees.

Why not sign up by completing the forms below and sending them back to us. Payments are taken by monthly standing order. If you want to pay everything in advance for 12 months you will receive a 5% discount.

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