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Why Us?

First Impressions Racing Groups were set up over 12 years ago and headed by Ray Hatchard who acts as the Racing Co-ordinator for the groups. He is purely there to do all the administration work, give advice and manage the groups. He will be your point of contact.

All owners will find that they are treated the same way as if they owned the horse outright. We pride ourselves on keeping our owners informed and making sure owning a racehorse is a wonderful experience without all the hassle of racehorse ownership.

The First Impressions Racing Team
Ray Hatchard
Ray Hatchard
Racing Co-ordinator
Veronica Hatchard
Veronica Hatchard
Assistant Racing Co-ordinator
Len Clarke
Len Clarke
Racing Co-ordinator

All three of the team help to make the experience unforgettable and have a thorough understanding of the game. Veronica rides out for the stables some mornings and will ride our horses to give us invaluable information on their well being.

The Many Benefits of Joining First Impression Racing Groups:

  • Two complimentary owners badges every time your horse runs
  • No administration work to worry about
  • Free hospitality on each racecourse - access all areas, pre-saddling enclosure, the paddock and enjoy all the owners' and trainers' facilities
  • Reduced entry cost to all racecourses when any of our horses run
  • Regular weekly e-mail updates regarding your horse
  • Regular visits to the stables to see your horse work on the gallops
  • Enjoy a chat and regular updates with your trainer regarding your horse's progress
  • Meet your jockey in the paddock and share the trainer's instruction
  • Opportunity to attend the complimentary summer barbecue and Christmas buffet
  • Meet the rest of the group who share your mutual interest and passion for racing
The Cost

For all of the above and experiencing the thrills of being a member is the share price of the horse and a fixed amount per month which is inclusive of all other costs.

The minimum period you are expected to stay in the group is 12 months. Every penny you contribute goes towards the racing fees. At the end of the season all winnings are evenly distributed between members.

On occasions we do lease a horse instead of purchasing and therefore, there is no upfront cost in these circumstances.